Carbon Security

Don’t worry, I am not suggesting that the World’s entire stock of coal is about to be stolen!

However, Carbon, or more accurately its oxide (CO2) encourages the “Greenhouse Effect”, which prevents heat from escaping from the atmosphere and so warms the planet. As we all know, transport is one of the major sources of Carbon Dioxide emissions and all responsible companies need to demonstrate their commitment to reducing these emissions. Carbon offset is a financial mechanism to advertise efforts to move to carbon neutrality, but isn’t it much better to actually reduce activities that cause carbon emissions?

Security companies and companies that have to secure their premises and staff also need to demonstrate their carbon credentials. The alternative is concerned consumers moving to a more committed company and consequently reduced turnover and valuation.

So is there an easy and cost effective way of reducing the number of journeys made in the name of security?

If we examine the journeys needed in the industry, they fall into three major categories:

  • Physical security: transport of security guards to the site to be secured.
  • Operations centres:journeys to the Alarm Receiving Centre for work.
  • Maintenance:journeys to site to maintain equipment.

The first of these will continue to be a necessity for the foreseeable future, but the carbon effect can be mitigated with vehicle sharing, shift management and vehicle technology.

However, a move towards anytime, anywhere, any-device monitoring capability can enable monitoring staff to work from home and so reduce travel to the office. We can substantially reduce maintenance visits to site by using remote monitoring technologies.

Tether Technology was formed to do this, its low-power maintenance free Tetherboxes and its World-leading Cloud platform provide the ability for sites to be monitored, managed and recorded from anywhere on any device. Even its packaging is recyclable.

If you want to reduce the Security element of your carbon footprint then take a look a what Tether can offer:

A solid, secure and straightforward solution to the problems of security in the Environmental age!