Tether Technology and DeepAlert Collaboration

Tether Technology x DeepAlert Collaboration Announcement

Bringing State of the Art Artificial Intelligence to the UK CCTV sector

Tether Technology has partnered with South African company DeepAlert to bring Artificial Intelligence to their already ground-breaking range of CCTV cloud technology.

Tether enables rapid and intuitive decision-making within the security space, by integrating all surveillance devices across multiple sites with its intelligent cloud analytics platform to visually interpret events.

Traditional Security Systems have many issues; systems are installed in isolation, every location must be accessed individually, complex user interfaces mean it can take hours to find footage and footage can only be accessed locally. Manual checks are common, meaning cameras are often not working, many older systems can be easily hacked or stolen in the case of locally stored footage and it is impossible to know when a system has faults.

Tether Technology has introduced The Tetherbox and Tether Platform to provide an adaptable and economical solution to the above problems. The Tether platform brings all physical security devices into a single visual dashboard. The system automatically detects and manages all cameras connected to the Local Area Network, stores images from selected cameras and provides a secure VPN to the cloud platform.

Tether is non-proprietary, unlike its competitors, it has an open API platform and will integrate with any other security device it comes across.

Tether Technology x DeepAlert

DeepAlert adds to Tether’s revolutionary system by bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to the UK surveillance market, changing the way people monitor and manage their environments. Traditional video analytics still have many false positives when using only this system. Often alarms are triggered by foliage blowing in the wind, pets, or authorised people on the scene. Object identification is critical in reducing the number of false alarms.

DeepAlert makes use of both motion triggers and object detection using deep learning models. DeepAlert combined with Tether’s existing Tether platform and Tetherbox provides an infrastructure that is highly intelligent using ground-breaking technology to protect and secure.

The DeepAlert system uses neural network technology to process and determine whether the video image matches known classes of objects which it has been trained to identify. It is this deep learning process that ensures the accuracy of object detection, even under low light conditions, poor weather and from practically any camera stream, including Infrared and thermal cameras. Continuous training of the system improves detection even further over time.


"Tether are excited to announce our collaboration with DeepAlert. Tether provides a truly unique product to the UK market, bringing together old and new security technology in one simple CCTV cloud platform. Our customers can now also use state of the art technology from DeepAlert to enhance their monitoring ability and reduce false alarms bringing ground breaking Artificial Intelligence to Tether Technology.”

-Anita Mistry, Head of Sales at Tether Technology

“We couldn’t be more thrilled that Tether Technology has partnered with DeepAlert to bring our Artificial Intelligence to their already ground-breaking range of CCTV cloud technology. DeepAlert has developed modes for intruder detection, Health and Safety (PPE compliance) and weapon detection. This partnership brings exponential improvement on surveillance and its efficacy for all who use it.”

-Mark Smuts, Head of Sales at DeepAlert

Tether Technology x DeepAlert Trial Results

In a two-week trial with AllGuard Alarms in the UK securing 162 cameras over 20 sites the Tether system combined with Deep Alert’s AI technology reduced false positives by up to 95 per cent.

Every time the camera or the Tetherbox picks up something Tether sends 3 images, one second apart, to DeepAlert. The reply comes back from DeepAlert within 2-4 seconds to say if it’s a person or a vehicle. Total time to verify alarm = 5 seconds.

The images are low resolution 6-70 pixels, D1 resolution, with 3 images every few seconds, so it works well, even in a low bandwidth environment.

Notes for Editors

Tether and DeepAlert are offering a 2-week free trial for customers to experience how the technologies work together available via their Tether account timeline or booked via the following link https://tetherit.io/deepalert

About Tether

Tether is an exciting British technology company revolutionising video surveillance and physical security space. Tether's hybrid cloud video surveillance system combines the best elements of an NVR, cloud camera and VMS. The result is a faster, more cost-effective and efficient surveillance system.

Tether uses hardware, cutting-edge software and a cloud service to bring together all place-based physical security devices into a single user-friendly dashboard that can be used in the CCTV control room, mobile laptop, tablet or smartphone. Tether can bring together 10, 100 or 1,000s of surveillance devices and is ideal for multi-site management.

Tether is non-proprietary and vendor agnostic, unlike its competitors, it has an open API platform and will integrate with any other security device it comes across, developing integrations with new surveillance cameras or analytics systems.

About DeepAlert https://www.deepalert.ai

DeepAlert is a South African owned and developed video analytics system providing accurate object detection using artificial intelligence and deep neural network technologies to deliver actionable alerts in real time to a web interface and 3rd party systems.



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