Tether and CONXTD integration

Cloud technology is making the integration of different security systems easier, creating new solutions and exciting opportunities for End Users, Installers and Alarm Receiving Centres.

Tether Technology have created a powerful and exciting partnership with CONXTD, to solve the frustration of the disconnection between CCTV and Intruder Alarm Systems.

CONXTD translateIntruder and Fire Alarms into responsive dashboards, notifications and reports. CONXTD is creating a platform for integrators who install and maintain Security solutions, without the need for multiple apps, receivers or special software.

Tether has brought their market-leading VSaaS solution to CONXTD’splatform, enabling visual verification, live video and cloud storage to CONXTD’s risk management and monitoring solution.

CONXTD take away the pain associated with the interpretation of alarm data, the creation and distribution of reports and the integration and maintenance of multiple security applications via receivers and on-premises servers. Everything CONXTD does in the Cloud, with software interfaces that are built on standard protocols, supported by them and the Security Technology Partners that the market trusts. CONXTD enable the Security Supply chain to enter a new phase of growth based on the provision of Information Services.

“Our integration and partnership with Tether combine their unique, rich VSaas platform with the management and monitoring capabilities of CONXTD. We can associate any event received from the Intruder Detection System and query Tether for video and go live to the site. Set up is easy and requires no bespoke on-site configurations or cabling and no specialist software or skills to complete. We’re certain that Installers will see great benefit in bringing the data from multiple systems together with Tether, and through engagement drive ever more intelligent solutions” said Chris Carter-Brennan, CEO of CONXTD.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Cloud-based solution with no receivers to install or special integrations to create.
  • 100% independent, CONXTD only do software, integrate to anybody and you install.
  • Subscription model from one site to thousands. No upfront costs.
  • Collaborate with your customers to enhance customer service.
  • Group sites and easily add custom data.
  • Share information more easily and securely with the Security Team.
  • Benefit from powerful data-driven insights.
  • Receive Site Performance Reports and System Health in real-time.
  • Receive push notifications via mobile, desktop, email, SMS and Slack.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Tether for visual verification.

Just like Tether’s solutions, CONXTD’s solutions are scalable from one site to thousands.

"Tether are excited to announce our partnership with CONXTD, a partnership that provides an unbeatable physical security ecosystem that benefits business owners, integrators and alarm receiving centres alike. Tether provides CONXTD customers with visual verification and VSaaS, while CONXTD provides Tether customers with business intelligence from the video, alarm and access control data Tether collects" said Roman Gaufman, CEO at Tether Technology


CONXTD is an Alarm Management Solution, ideal for Installers and End User who want to manage their own Service Operations. The CONXTD team has over 20 years of experience in the Security Industry having previously been the management team behind WebWayOne one of the Europes leading Alarm Transmission Providers (sold to CSL DualCom in 2018). CONXTD have built Cloud-based software interfaces to market-leading Security Solutions to deliver a unified security application available via browser or mobile app. CONXTD works with the leading providers of Security hardware and platform services making us 100% system agnostic.

For more marketing information on CONXTD, contact Tom Swann tom@conxtd.com.For sales enquiries contact hello@conxtd.com to arrange a follow-up. Website: www.conxtd.com