Tetherbox is coming to town

2020 is nearly over and not many will miss it, but I always strive to find the silver lining in every pitch-black cloud. In my case, its that had the honour and privilege to join Tether Technology as Managing Director between the two national lockdown periods. I could not have asked for a greater group of people to work with, and I wish each and every one of them the best Christmas they can have under the circumstances.

However, 2021 will be different, Tether has a great new partner programme to help end-users benefit from implementing the Tether solution to secure and manage their premises, especially during the remainder of the COVID remote working period. We are working with a fantastic group of Technology partners to offer third-party applications that will augment the value of the Tether platform. See our newly launched, updated website for more information.

Internally, I am pleased to say that we are one of the fortunate companies that are increasing the size our team and we are on the lookout for a significant number of talented people. So, if you think you have the personality, experience, skills and attitude to join a fast-growing, people-focussed business, then get in touch!

Finally, I would like to wish all my colleagues, our partners and customers my best wishes for the season and look forward to working with you all next year to our mutual benefit.