The Home Working Culture

Medium, High and Very High; Circuit Breaker and Lockdown and new terms that we are becoming familiar with and which can massively affect our dailylives. A few months ago, everyone was in the same situationand,by and large,agreed with the reasons for being isolated. Now we have regional variations, disputes amongst scientists, disputesbetween scientists and politicians and increased tension between saving lives and saving the economy. This sounds like to time to invoke Chinese Philosophy, inthis casethe curse May you live in interesting times. With COVID-19, BREXIT and Global Warming, times arevery interesting indeed.

So back to homeworking: the government is advising everyoneto work from home if their job allows. This is an interesting decision for some people, for example:how essential is an informal discussion that can occur when making a coffee inthe office–can this be replaced by Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc? Certainly,in my experience it doesnot, meaning that working from home will degrade output for some people.

Then you have the large Command and Control type centres,where alargegroup of people sit watching screens and reacting to their contents, often in a sealed, airconditioned environment.This is a perfect breeding ground for any virus, and to ensure you don’t lose your entire capabilityin one foulswoop, you will need two such centres in different parts of the country –if not the World –in case one gets affected by a local lockdown.

Well at least in this situation there is an answer.

Tether can aggregateall the videoand other security information from multiplecameras across multiple sites, with very secure transmission and end-to-end encryption to a device or devices of your choice, whether you are locked in your bedroom or sitting on the beach. This mitigates the risk of cross-infection of teams, allows your security team to work more efficiently and reduces operating cost. Furthermore, the management can see and up to date video from all their sites to enable highly informed decision making.

A solid, secure and straightforward solution to the problems of security in the COVID age!