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The Tether platform brings all physical security devices into a single visual dashboard.

Tether revolutionises your physical security operations, adds peace of mind that everything is working and saves significant time responding to alarm events and finding critical evidence. The Tether platform injests information from all IP and serial devices and allows sifting through hundreds of terabytes of information in seconds.

Know what is happening on site, be notified of potential issues & receive visual reports for compliance and audit tracking.
Administer systems remotely, easily share information with full GDPR compliance & reduce engineer visits by 40% or more.
Tether is the CRM for the security industry: move from Excel spreadsheets to real-time information in the cloud.

How Tether Connects

Add a Tetherbox to each site to "Tether" the site securely to the cloud. The Tetherbox will connect to new, existing as well as most legacy physical security equipment.

Tether will upgrade and bring new life to all those devices.

Technology never stands still...
and neither should your business.

Isn't it time to Tether
your technology?