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The gateway to your physical security.

Tether your video surveillance, alarm panels, network infrastructure and other IP or Serial devices to the cloud. Monitor the health of your sites, cloud record cameras and integrate with third party services.


Using solid state hardware offered in a range of sizes to suit different scenarios, Tetherboxes are designed to be reliable, easy to implement and maintenance free.

The Tetherbox connects to any brand of IP camera or to existing CCTV recorders (NVR or DVR)* enabling them to be managed through the Timeline web interface or mobile app. From one single log in, it’s possible to view single or multiple sites, view live or historical footage or intelligently search for specific events based on an incredibly intuitive and user friendly interface.

*ONVIF compatibility required



Utilising the very latest cyber security standards, with the ability to push automatic security updates when new threats arise, the highest standards of cyber security are always maintained.

Tetherboxes ring-fence your devices behind our secure, encrypted VPN connection. Log in from overseas or from a new device and we’ll notify you, or provide the option to update your password (just like a credit card service watching for unusual activity). We’ll audit log all user access minute by minute 24/7. Camera footage and system settings can be secured off site in our UK based, GDPR compliant data centres, providing added peace of mind. Should the equipment on site be destroyed or stolen in an incident, the evidence required is still available, accessible and ready to be used.



Single log in from any internet enabled device, anywhere in the world. That’s all that’s required to access the Tether platform.

At Tether we make complex things simple. With one tap of a finger (or click of a mouse), navigate between sites on opposite sides of the planet, or watch cameras from both simultaneously. With two taps, filter to a specific camera during a specific time (morning, evening etc.) and see thumbnails of all associated activity. Scroll through to find exactly what you’re looking for then, with a further couple of taps and an email address, share the footage with the Police or a member of staff without needing to leave your seat.


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