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Reliable, compact, low power and silent-running hardware. Delivering a robust installation and end user experience.
Encrypted & constantly updated with the very highest standards in cyber security to keep your client's and your data safe.
Simple to use software that an end user can pick up with minimal training, advice or ongoing support.

Tetherbox Product Range

Our units come in 3 form factors, each one upgradable in software. Every unit is an indespensible tool that adds the site to your dashboard and provides important business insight and control.

The rackmount Giga units can be customised to record up to 150 cameras, making Tether suitable for installations with no cameras at all, to many hundreds of cameras.


Our smallest and most popular unit.

  • Record up to 5 x 4k cameras
  • Monitor up to 100 cameras

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Tetherbox Pico

Small unit with built in SSD storage.

  • Record up to 10 x 12 Megapixel cameras.
  • Monitor up to 100 cameras

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Tetherbox Giga

Our Rackmount unit for larger deployments.

  • Record up to 20 x 12 Megapixel cameras
  • Custom configurations up to 150 cameras

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The Tetherbox Features

All of our units offer the following features and benefits.

Manage Remotely

  • Tunnel to any device as if you were on site
    • Update firmwares
    • Adjust camera analytics
    • Re-configure cameras, routers, printers

Connectivity & VPN

  • Creates 2048bit VPN to the Cloud
  • Connect to and monitor:
    • Up to 100 cameras (200 on Giga), 50 DVR/NVRs per site
    • Serial devices (rs232/485/etc) e.g. intruder alarms
    • Monitor up to 1,000 network devices (API/SNMP/Ping)

Video Surveillance

  • Record localy and/or cloud backup up cameras
  • ANPR
    • ANPR cameras (ONVIF and additional APIs for Hikvision/Dahua)
    • ANPR Matrix display output
  • CCTV health checking
    • Detect camera issues: disconnect, blinded, bad password, etc
    • Detect NVR issues: hard drive, other exceptions (ONVIF compatible)
    • Set correct time on all cameras

Alarm Panels

  • Eaton/Scantronic and Texecom alarms
  • Other integrations coming soon

Network Devices

  • Detect Internet loss
  • Network device disconnect
  • Wifi signal deterioration (SNMP)

The Tetherbox offers a comprehensive solution to "Tether" all of your sites and physical security devices to the cloud. It functions as the glue that connects everything together. You can perform advanced searches, for example viewing all out of hour stock room accesses, across all sites, for the entire month. Searches that could take days or weeks to perform are done in a matter of seconds.

The visual results present all information in context, for example the video footage, ANPR, alarm data, audit log and any other relevant information can be added to an event to give it full context. This allows a more informed understanding of the event and appropriate actions taken.

Isn't it time to Tether
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